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News Expression of Interest – Lismore City Council Urban Stormwater Management Plan

In response to a direction issued by the former NSW EPA under s.12 of the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991, Lismore City Council developed the Lismore Stormwater Management Plan 2000 (LSMP 2000). The direction required that the LSMP 2000 address stormwater quality and not quantity or flood mitigation issues. Consequently, the LSMP 2000 only addressed the improvement of the water quality of stormwater run-off from the Lismore Urban Rated Area.

The LSMP 2000 identified 43 structural to non-structural activities, to improve the quality of stormwater discharging from the urban area. These options were prioritised based on a cost-benefit scoring system and ranked for implementation from year to year. Owing to budget constraints, the majority of the actions undertaken from the LSMP 2000 were non-structural (i.e. policy and education initiatives). Structural actions (i.e. on-ground projects such as treatment systems) that were identified in the LSMP 2000 were not funded and consequently were not implemented from 2000 to 2007.

Followingimplementation of the Stormwater Management Service Charge (SMSC), the LSMP 2000 was revised to include the SMSC dedicated to stormwater management (i.e. Lismore Urban Stormwater Management Plan 2007). Since 2007, Council has continued with non-structural activities and with the dedicated funding source Council was able to deliver a range of on-ground projects to address stormwater pollution originating from the urban catchment. Although SMSC guidelines allow for both ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’ components to be delivered as part of overall stormwater management strategy, the LUSMP 2007 has a strong emphasis on the ‘quality’ component.

The LUSMP 2007 is now due for a substantial revision. Organisational priorities have now changed and this revised stormwater management plan (2015-2025) must consider both ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’ components within an asset management framework.

Council will adopt a two-stage search and selection process to appoint a suitably qualified provider with demonstrated skills and experience to deliver the SMP (2015-2015):

•    Stage 1 – Expression of Interest

Identify a shortlist of suitable providers through the EOI process.

•    Stage 2 – Respond to Reverse Brief

Shortlisted providers will be provided with a reverse brief (including an indication of the project budget).  

To undertake this assignment, the successful provider must be able to demonstrate extensive experience in integrated stormwater planning and management.  It is anticipated the provider will have an exceptional understanding and knowledge of ecological/biological water quality, asset management, as well as hydrological and hydraulic issues in relation to stormwater management within urban areas. They must deliver a plan that consider both ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’ components within an asset management framework.