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News News Archive $200M Stormwater Harvesting Grant briefing update

As you would be aware from the Bulletin and our email news, the Federal Dept of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, currently has stormwater harvesting grants available totaling $200 Million nationally. See their website for most details:

In due course all the Q&As from each briefing session will also be put on the website, and the SIA will advise you when.


The following additional information was provided at the NSW briefing session that will be of interest to SIA members:

  • Private companies won't be given a grant contribution, they will be retrospectively given "refundable tax offsets".
  • If a consortium involves a state or local government partner, they must take the lead role.
  • A sensitivity analysis regarding volumes and $/ML should be included in the proposal (i.e. how much water will be saved, and how much money will it cost to save it). These must be rigorous and state all assumptions. A Life Cycle Costing must also be included.
  • Projects will be ranked on their $/ML and water savings. Costs should be comparable to the price of local water (assuming costs have not been subsidised)
  • Land cannot be included as part of the $4M proposal
  • The offset for carbon emmissions relates to the construction and ongoing operation of the stormwater harvesting, not the company doing it.
  • Costs associated with meeting BASIX cannot be included. Any contribution from developers must be in addition to that required in any development approvals.
  • Proposals MUST address every aspect of the Merit Criteria
  • Proposals must be aligned with wastewater reuse guidelines
  • You can package multiple sites into one project. But it was suggested this could produce a low cost/benefit and may not be economically appealing. But applications would all be reviewed on their merits.
  • Project investigation and design costs can be included. Already expended funds can be included
  • The proposal must address who will own and operate it.
  • If costs come in higher than expected.... too bad. If costs come in lower than expected you'll have to give some back, or increase the scope.
  • A regulation 10 agreement can be used to fund the project over several years. There are 4 years till it has to be complete in 2013.
  • Attendees at the briefing were advised NOT TO put in half baked proposals, they would not be considered
  • Proposals must include preliminary feasibility study, concept designs, approvals if possible, in principal approvals are ok.
  • Proposals must include impact on downstream environmental flows, and any Water Sharing Plans
  • Projects with combined stormwater and wastewater can only have funding towards the stormwater part, and it must be over $4M.
  • A procurement strategy for carbon offsets over time may be acceptable in the proposal

Note: DEWHA can be contacted directly with any additional questions. All answers provided via phone or email will then also be put on the website Q&A page, and potential applicants were encouraged to ask questions.