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The NSW Stormwater Industry Association strongly supports Stormwater Harvesting as a viable and sustainable method to provide "Fit for Purpose" water. 

The most "Sustainable" we can be as a society is to catch the water coming from our roads and roofs, treat it, store it and use it. 

At present, billions of litres of stormwater is lost every year.  But many Councils and other organisations are taking steps to rectify this.  They are looking at their urban areas with a new vision.  In the past our industry has mainly been focused on flooding and water quality, but now there is a new focus that is finally recieving the attention it deserves.

Rain that falls on our roofs and is captured in Rainwater Tanks is called "Rainwater Harvesting".

Stormwater (that includes roof runoff) that has hit the ground and is being conveyed via pipes, drains and channels, can be captured, treated, stored and then used.  This is "Stormwater Harvesting".

At present, the government's position is that treated stormwater is not to be used for potable (drinkable) purposes.  The NSW SIA, considers this position to be limiting potential uses for the future.  After all, the water thats in our dams, that we drink now, entered the dams as stormwater.  With appropriate risk controls and safety measures in place, we feel full scale stormwater harvesting for any use will be part of our future.

Most Stormwater Harvesting projects currently happening are providing water for irrigation of sporting facilities, parks, ovals, and some toilet flushing.  There are many other potential uses, but these are the cheapest and easiest, and should rightly be tackled first.

There are many ways of capturing, and treating, and storing the stormwater.  Many proprietary and non-proprietary products have been combined to create Stormwater Harvesting solutions. 

The NSW Office of Water is maintaining a list of Stormwater Harvesting projects in Sydney.