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News News Archive $1.8m for Stormwater Harvesting and Water-sensitive Cities

The Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, announced funding of $1.8 million to support a national research program to boost stormwater harvesting in Australia's cities.

The Cities as Water Supply Catchments research program, which was announced in Melbourne in conjunction with the launch of Monash University's new Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, will encourage greater uptake of stormwater harvesting systems by governments.

The research program will address technological and governance issues that limit the capture and re-use of stormwater.

It will deliver a "how to" guide on managing urban stormwater and integrating technologies into urban design, planning and development.

'Urban water supplies are under increasing pressure to meet the demands of growing populations in the face of extended drought and a changing climate,' Senator Wong said.

'The Rudd Government has committed $1.5 billion to help our cities and towns diversify their water supplies in response to drought and the emergence of climate change, with investment in desalination, recycling and stormwater.

'Stormwater harvesting and re-use can improve water security by easing the demand on drinking water supplies and providing "fit-for-purpose" water for use on parks, ovals and other suitable applications.'

Funding for the project is being provided under the National Water Commission's $250 million Raising National Water Standards Program and will support the National Water Initiative objective for the achievement of water-sensitive cities.

A consortium from Monash University, the University of Melbourne and Queensland University, as well as the Victorian Government, are also providing funding for the project.