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NSW Stormwater Industry Association
Annual General Meeting


President’s Report 2010


I am pleased to present the President’s report for 2010.


This was my second year as President, and the SIA has done some great things this year.


We had a well attended seminar on the Stormwater Management Service Charge, and specific thanks for that goes to Natalie Payne.


We then had an excellent seminar on the Who’s Who of Stormwater in the NSW Public Service, which we would have liked more to attend, but was none the less profitable. On that occasion Kate Black and once again Natalie Payne were the big contributors. Thankyou ladies.


We then had our NSW Awards of Excellence, which had some close results, and some worthy winners, which went on to represent us at a National level, this time without further success…. But there is always next year. GO NSW!


Of course as you know, this year we had the Inaugural National SIA conference in Sydney, which replaced the NSW state based conference. It went for 5 days at Star City, and whilst there were some minor glitches, the event was a resounding success both financially, and according to the attendees. For this I have to thank the conference organising committee, but mostly we need to thank GEMS. They have never failed to deliver a fantastic conference. And this was the best one the “SIA” has ever had. To Julie and the team at GEMS, we owe a big thanks.


Another massive achievement this year was facilitated by myself and Peter McGraw (our website designer). As you know, we now have a new logo and new functional website, that has so many more features than the old one, but best of all….. it works. Over this forthcoming year, the site will be populated with articles, technical papers, photos, policy statements, details for our events, etc etc. I will be looking for people to assist with even more content, but I’m VERY happy with our new site, and Peter has exceeded my expectations in both ability and service.


It is with a degree of sadness that I report a changing of the guard. Our Administrative Assistant Bronwyn Davies has provided our secretariat services for many years now, but times have changed, and so has the role, and as of today, GEMS will be taking over this function on behalf of the NSW SIA. They already provide this service for the QLD SIA, and we’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them over several years now. With the new website maintenance outsourced, automatic renewals via the website in the future, GEMS doing the seminars and conference, the need for Bronwyn’s services have dropped to an unsustainable level, and we wish her all the best with her new role at UWS. Special thanks to once again, Natalie and Kate for facilitating this difficult task.


I had 3 primary objectives for the NSW SIA in November last year:

  • To work with GEMS and the National SIA, on the first ever National SIA conference here in Sydney two weeks ago.
  • Stem the falling membership base, and try to get a minimum of 30% increases in both individual and corporate membership.
  • Fix the NSW website, to make it practical, functional and easy for us to operate


We achieved two of these, and item 2 above will be a very large focus for all of us this coming year.


Another significant project for the coming year will be continuing on with the development of the GPT testing standard, on which Murray Powell represents NSW.


We are waiting with baited breath for the announcement on the Federal Stormwater Harvesting grant winners, and lets hope NSW gets a few good projects up.


I also wish to acknowledge the Master Plumber’s Association, of which we are members, and in particular the General Manager Paul Naylor, who always made us welcome at their headquarters in Lidcombe for our monthly meetings. Which will now be moving, so watch this space.
Next I wish to thank the 2010 Executive who put in above and beyond normal committee expectations, and specifically our National President, my Vice President …. Steve Frost. I know how hard he works on our behalf, at both a state and National level. Thank you Steve, you are inspirational.


Finally, I would like to thank the committee who have contributed, and the members who make up our industry and organisation. I believe we have come a long way in the last 12 months, and I’m very excited about what lies ahead for the next 12 months. We have some new faces on board, and I’m looking forward to working with you for development and education of our industry.


Murray Powell
President NSW SIA
23 November 2010