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News News Archive How Green was my Valley? Pursuing Green Infrastructure and Natural Asset Management


Seminar -Tuesday, 8th November, 2011


Over the last two decades, governments and the private sector have installed increasing amounts of green infrastructure such as GPTs, wetlands and raingardens, to meet environmental objectives. Yet billions of dollars worth of more investment is needed if we are to fully transition to a water sensitive city.


This seminar, being offered by Stormwater NSW and sponsored by TotalEarthCare, will examine how we need to start acknowledging green infrastructure within our asset management systems and to plan for its construction and maintenance. This not only includes new green infrastucture but existing natural assets such as creeks, wetlands and bushland reserves.


Our presenters range from state and local government, consultancies and researchers at the forefront of promoting green infrastructure. Designed specifically for asset managers, stormwater practitioners and environmental professionals this is an opportunity to hear the lastest thinking in natural asset management, and should not be missed.


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