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STAR Water Solutions Pty Ltd

STAR Water Solutions Pty Ltd
Suite 703 - 107 Walker Street
North Sydney
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Cecile Plantade
Phone: 02 9460 2722
Fax: 02 9929 2922

STAR Water Solutions provides stormwater, industrial, mining and agricultural waste water recovery, treatment and reuse systems. STAR holds an exclusive worldwide license for Reactive Filter Media™ technology that enables effective and energy efficient recovery, treatment and reuse. Common pollutants such as heavy metals, nutrients & toxic compounds are physically, chemically and biologically treated by the system. Our technology range includes products for sediment and erosion control applications.
STAR Water Solutions is establishing a worldwide network of distributors and suppliers to service local markets backed by our experienced and proven team. Our project portfolio includes small scale industrial size units up to larger scale infrastructure projects providing water back for recreational and non-potable use.
STAR Water Solutions technologies and services are based on over ten years of research involving universities, government and private sector organisations and applied in a wide range of applications over an extended period of time. Our long term approach to research has lead to the development of proven, reliable “state of the art” technologies.
STAR Water Solutions technologies are carbon based products which means they sequester carbon in the system. Thus, STAR Water Solutions products help in decreasing the effects of climate change.

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